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Jack: Fast thinker, always building or taking things apart.

Rosie - Captain and driver, she has been with the team for years. She is our main robot builder with abilities in mechanical, electrical and pneumatics. Kim - Head mentor, She is the gate keeper and keeps everything going. We would not exist with out her.

Tera: Very creative, is learning about tools.

Alex - Driver, does programming, and robot building. Very good at building and repairing computers. He has great skill at driving the robot. Joe - Build mentor, If you haven't done it three times than your not done. He will make you do it correct or you will do it over.
  Nick: Smart and neat. Getting very skilled with tools. Eric - Programming mentor, and engineer. Programs the robot and draws what we need in CAD. If you pay attention you can learn allot from him.
  Pat: works well with the FTC team, getting good with tools. Jim - Build mentor, has the patients to work with the students and does a great job building the robot.
  Baily: Quiet, learning all aspects of the build.  
  Adam: likes working lighting on stage.  
  Shawn: Safety Captain, very good with tools and the build.  
  Andrew: Very good at building. Always has something to say.  
  Andrew: FTC driver, good builder  
  Andrew: FTC driver, good at programing  
  David: FTC driver, good at safety and building.  
  Mike: FTC business manager, learning to build.  
  Jake: FTC driver, good builder, always has something to say.  














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